"Dave is thoughtful, smart, and engaged. As both an office manager and leader of the largest open tour in Santa Clara County he has his pulse on the market and issues important to our members."   -Colleen Badagliacco

“I had the opportunity to sit on the Strategic Planning and Finance Committee, which Dave vice-chaired during his last year of tenure on the committee.  He was an amazing vice-chair – articulate, always prepared with the materials he was responsible for and  when sitting in for the Chair, he lead a great meeting with humor and decorum.  He was also Chair of the Legislative Committee and did an outstanding job in that role.  The California Association of Realtors would be well served and represented with Dave Walsh as president-elect.” -Linda Carroll

"I really got to know Dave when I had the privilege of serving as one of his Vice Chairs of the 2015 C.A.R. Legislative Committee. I learned that he has an in-depth knowledge of the issues that face our industry and the skills to continue being an effective leader.  In addition, his passionate commitment to our Association makes him a perfect choice to serve as our C.A.R. President-Elect. " -Leigh Rutledge

“When I first met Dave I knew he was a born leader. Dave is knowledgeable on all facets of our organization and has excellent work ethic.” -Dennis Mason

“”I believe that Dave has the right vision for the future of our business!” -Mark Peterson

“As a real estate professional I respect Dave’s reputation as an ethical engaged REALTOR®. I am looking for a leader like Dave Walsh to represent the members of C.A.R. He’s knowledgeable, passionate, and informed about the real estate industry.” -Sherri Souza

“Dave has a servant heart. He has served C.A.R. with distinction and his knowledge and experience will be invaluable as our C.A.R. President!” -Sandy Darling

“I believe Dave is a solid choice to guide and contribute to the future direction of our association as we move forward in our ever evolving market and profession.” -John W. Schulte

“Dave is a forward thinker; understands the market and our industry from the local level to the national level. He is the right person to better our industry and to better the REALTOR® perception of our members and communities” -Ernie Ochoa

"Dave is a straight shooter, a collaborator, and he cares. He is able to communicate effectively to problem solve and elevate his colleagues" -Staci Caplan

"I support Dave Walsh for a number of very important reasons. Dave Walsh is knowledgeable, committed, experienced, personable, balanced, aware, connected, well spoken, recognized, respected, genuine, caring, giving and a natural leader. He understands the real estate industry, has been an active participant in its many facets (agent, manager, local, state and national Director) and a trusted decision maker at all levels. He is looked to for analyses and guidance by his colleagues and the public. Whether it be in the areas of finances, legislation, legal, ethics or people skills …. Dave stands tall and represents Realtors well. CAR members would be proud and well served to have Dave as their 2020 President-Elect!" -Sue Walsh

"I am fortunate to have known Dave through our mutual participation as C.A.R. Directors and I have observed him leading committees and connecting with members. I am impressed with his leadership and commitment to the association. I am proud to offer my support to his candidacy for 2020 C.A.R. President-Elect. -Phil Jones

"Dave is the kind of guy you want in your corner when things get rough. He's knowledgeable, proactive, and will stand up for our principles when it comes to REALTOR® needs and homeownership rights." -Jeff Phillips 

"I support Dave for leadership at CAR because his heart is with the members. You will see him at the meetings, and then offsite he will be working with Realtors in his office supporting their efforts to list and sell properties. He understands the industry from the ground up." -Barbara J. Palmer

"I first met Dave when he was the Chair of the 2015 CAR Legislative Committee. He championed the movement toward uniform advertising guidelines, which I had brought forward from the Transaction and Regulatory Committee. From that moment on, I knew he was a man of character and principle. His leadership is exactly what we need for C.A.R. President-Elect." -Kim Murphy

"I had the privilege of co-chairing the Legislative Day in Sacramento with Dave a year ago. He is patient, thoughtful, considerate, good listener, understanding, and knowledgeable of Issues facing the Real Estate industry. He is someone who provided consistent performance and managed to come up to all expectations. He was a great Legislative Committee Chair and an effective leader, hard working and excels in his role. I was very impressed with Dave Walsh. C.A.R. members would be so honored and proud to have Dave as our 2020 President-Elect! This is his time for leadership!" -Winnie Davis

"Change is certain. Dave has the skills to lead C.A.R. forward for the betterment of all members and our industry." -Mark Burns

"Dave is smart, an articulate communicator, an innovative problem solver, a good listener, has the right experience and has the best interest of REALTORS® and C.A.R. at heart, i.e., a perfect formula for the right stuff for CAR leadership!" -Greg Haas  

"Dave is incredibly intelligent and diligent and he approaches leadership with an openness that makes him very easy to collaborate with. These characteristics will be very good for C.A.R. and I believe that Dave can unite and inspire the organization to new heights." -Wes Burk

"Dave Walsh and I have worked in the same real estate community for 20 years. I have always respected Dave for his leadership, his service, and his integrity. Although we are competitors, I consider it a great honor of mine to work within the same community as Dave. He has made a positive and indelible mark on Silicon Valley real estate through his service and sacrifice. I cannot think of anyone more qualified to become the next C.A.R. President-Elect." -Ryan Iwanaga

"Dave has a broad view of our industry, members and clients we serve. His diverse experience at local, State and National level will serve C.A.R.'s Strategic Vision well." -Karl Lee

"I have had the opportunity to observe Dave in a leadership role with MLSListings on the Board of Directors. His concern for the broker and agent is always top of mind when it comes to providing a better product and service. There is no doubt in my mind that he will be equally as dedicated while serving a C.A.R. leadership position. I look forward to his journey through C.A.R. leadership roles." -Gib Souza

"I have enjoyed working with Dave on various committees over the past years. His commitment to the issues and always being prepared were qualities I admire in a leader!" -Rick Violett

"Dave and I have served on, chaired or vice chaired several committee's together. I have seen how passionate and knowledgeable he is about every subject brought forward to the Director's at C.A.R. Dave is always enthusiastic, helpful and friendly with every person he meets. Dave is more than capable of handling this position and continuing in future leadership roles. I support Dave Walsh for the 2020 President-Elect, of the California Association of REALTORS®." -Tracey Saizan

"I wholeheartedly support Dave Walsh for Treasurer in 2018. I have worked with Dave on several boards over the years. He has the ability to get to the heart of an issue, is forward thinking and most of all keeps the best interests of our members at heart. We will be lucky to have him represent us!" -Kim DiBenedetto

"Dave Walsh is a superb candidate to serve as Treasurer for C.A.R. Dave is a true professional in our industry, is honest, hard working and a person of the highest integrity. I have known and worked with him for over 10 years and couldn't imagine a finer or more qualified candidate for this position." -Larry Knapp
"As a former Treasurer for the California Association of REALTORS®, I know what it takes to grasp the issues facing our association and industry. We are in a time of revolution in our industry. I think Dave Walsh has the tools and leadership skills to look at the horizon as Chair of the Strategic Planning and Finance Committee and position C.A.R. for continued success. I fully endorse Dave! He will do a great job!" -James Liptak

"I have worked with Dave for many years. He is more than qualified to hold office at C.A.R. I am looking forward to watching Dave help steer the great C.A.R. ship. He is a great team player." -Jeff Barnett

"Dave is a very qualified candidate for C.A.R. Treasurer. He has the experience coming from all aspects of our profession." -David Zigal

"I have admired Dave since we first met. He is a man of integrity, passion and true caring for our industry and the people who call real estate their profession." -David Barca

"Dave Walsh is one of the smartest people that I know in the real estate industry. He is extremely gifted at forecasting market conditions, industry changes and actively strives to remain at the forefront of this ever changing industry. He has a rare blend of leadership, motivational, and interpersonal skills. The combination of tenacity, passion, sensitivity to others and excellent coaching skills makes him uniquely talented. His drive to master what he sets out to achieve makes him unquestionably one of the finest leaders wherever he serves. Dave is always smiling, upbeat and I enthusiastically endorse him as C.A.R. Treasurer without any hesitation or reservation." -Jim Pojda

"Dave is a true professional that has the skills to lead C.A.R. into the future." -Coy Knapp

"Dave not only has the skillset with his knowledge and experience, but also the passion to help lead C.A.R. and represent our REALTORS®." -Mike Sibilia
"I worked with Dave when he was Legislative Chair and admired his ability to keep that unruly crowd (of which I am one!), on track when dealing with complex issues! Given the many threats to our industry, I know he will do a great job monitoring & communicating those concerns to the members and listening to our responses." - Jim Irving

"I have worked in the same RE market with Dave for over 35 years. We have been friendly competitors as salesperson, managing broker, broker, and volunteer for that entire time. Not once has he been off base. He is one of the most sensible, cogent, clear thinking leaders in our local association and beyond. We are truly well served by placing him in our highest leadership positions." -Steve Hanleigh

"I have known Dave for over 20 years and worked in the same office with him for 7 of those years. I can confirm that Dave is driven to support REALTORS®, property rights, and our industry. In his position as manager for a large local office here in Santa Clara County, Dave is tuned in to the unique challenges that we face now and, more importantly, prepared to guide us through the ones to come. I support Dave Walsh for C.A.R. 2020 President-Elect." -Rick Smith

"Dave's passion for homeownership shows thru his commitment and dedication." -Paula (PJ) Johnsen

"I’m honored to pledge my support for Dave Walsh, 2018 C.A.R. Treasurer. Dave is a proven leader with a distinguished record. During the great recession of 2008 he led his members as President through tumultuous times by working with them and listening to their concerns and needs. With our world and industry changing constantly, we need a proven leader in this position and Dave is more than qualified!" -Wayne Woodyard

"Dave is a REALTOR® Gentleman with old-fashioned values and progressive thinking! Dave cares about change and encourages your voice - because he will LISTEN.  Dave is smart, highly organized, and has the leadership skills to be an outstanding CAR Treasurer. "   -Diana Bull

I support Dave Walsh because he is forward thinking and ready for the challenges that lay ahead for the real estate industry in California. He will always the best interests of the agents in mind. -Craig Ragg

"Dave is a strong leader with keen insight. His integrity and commitment to his agents are outstanding. He will help move C.A.R. into the future." -Karen Trolan

I have served with Dave in organized real estate for over 10 years. Dave is the most qualified REALTOR® I know to help lead C.A.R. through the changes that will affect all of our members and the public! His insight and understanding of our industry, the innovations and disruptions is by far unsurpassed by any other!  -Quincy Virgilio

"I have worked with Dave Walsh on Strategic Planning and Finance. We were Policy Committee Chairs together and I have had the pleasure of getting to know him well over the last several years. He is a truly fine person who is the kind of leader who truly cares about our members and our industry. He has been a working Realtor for 37 years and knows the issues we face in our transactions,our communities and in our governmental challenges. I am proud to know him and proud to endorse him for 2020 C.A.R. President-elect. -Cynthia Carley

I have had the pleasure of working with Dave on the Board of Directors of MLS Listings. Dave is a dedicated team player and professional businessman with thoughtful insights and ideas that he is always willing to share with others. -Jeanne Garde

"I have known Dave for more than 15 years as an exemplary real estate professional and industry leader. Dave sets high standards and best practices for the agents who work with him. He has shown recognized leadership skills at CAR, most recently at Strategic Planning and Finance Committee where I have been privileged to serve with him. As an elected C.A.R. officer he will pursue the highest and best goals for our association with passion and skill." ​-Bill Jansen